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Price matching available. SOME ORDERS SLIGHT DELAY DUE TO COVID-19.
Price matching available. SOME ORDERS SLIGHT DELAY DUE TO COVID-19.

Precision Raceworks BMW Injector Removal Tool


The lowest cost, highest quality, and most complete solution on the market for removal of BMW Direct Injectors!


Precision Raceworks Injector Removal & Installation Tool  is a combination of impeccable Quality and Market leading performance.


You can store the tool in the case or put it in your toolbox since the expanding tool for the Teflon seal stores neatly inside the shaft of the tool. The compression Dies are machined directly into the handle and the sequence to compress in is milled into the handle as well.  This is the only all in one solution on the market and is a must have for all owners of Direct Injected BMW's!

Our kit not only looks better than other kits on the market but it performs better than other kits on the market.  


  • This kit includes everything needed to remove the direct fuel injectors & replace their seals...

-       Small slide hammer that fits into tight spaces and provides maximum removal force for removing injectors

-       Injector seal installation expansion tool which fits neatly inside the slide hammer

-       Seal Compression Dies machined directly into the handle

-       Plastic storage container for storing new seals neatly inside case

-       Die cut foam provides perfect spot for storing additional Decoupling Elements


  • The blue sleeve is a dial used to expand the seal, Damage to the seal would occur if someone tried to force the seal on without this tool. 
  • The unique handle has compression dies machined directly into it.  The injector gets pushed into these holes to compress the seals in three accurate steps. Leave the injector in step 3 for 45 seconds to ensure the seal will remain compressed after the injector is removed.  Then quickly (under 1 minute) install the injector into the cylinder head.

No special seal removal tool is needed or required, simply take a pair of needle nose pliers and using the tip of the pliers squeeze the seal and remove it takes second & requires very little force.

Injectors, Seals, & Decoupling Elements are not included